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Ashley Hunter

Cooler Bag Pinstripe Blue

Cooler Bag Pinstripe Blue

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A handle at the top and an optional strap makes it easy to carry your items. It's the perfect accessory for any occasion and travel. 

Practicality is an understatement. On a sunny day, it can comfortably hold up to six standard beer bottles or cans, and for everyday use, pack your lunch and carry your personal items to access at the tip of your hands. 


The design was inspired by the need to have access to a compact bag for the baby essentials that did not look like every other nappy bag out there. One moment, we're carrying our milk bottles, wipes and snacks on a short walk and outing, and the next moment, we're carrying food and drinks to a picnic or beach. Effortlessly classic and chic on every occasion. 


  • Padded for insulation.
  • Durable polyester material for your everyday activities.
  • Front pocket for your accessories.
  • Bottle opener. 
  • 26cm H x 24.5 cm W x 19cm D 
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