About Us

What is Ashley Hunter?

Ashley Hunter is an Australian brand that offers wine carriers and cooler bags with the design and function to meet your everyday needs in social settings and travel.

What inspired Ashley Hunter?

Ashley Hunter was inspired by two things, my children and our family’s love for spending time together, over a bottle of wine or champagne.

One of the things we could not live without was a nappy bag when travelling with our children, no matter the occasion. As handy as they are, they sometimes felt bulky and excessive and let’s be honest, sometimes you'd just prefer to use a different bag for both your baby and personal items.

It’s a brand that gives you products that are functional, practical, and versatile.

One moment, I’m using the cooler bag to carry only the essential items when we’re out for a walk with the kids such as a milk bottle, baby wipes and nappies, and snacks, the next, I’m packing a six pack of cold beer to bring down to a picnic, and when in the office, I pack and carry food for the day. It’s an accessory right for any occasion.

The wine carrier bags were inspired by our time spent in the Southern Highlands, and gatherings with our friends and family. We wanted an easy way to carry our wine bottles, and what a convenient way to do so, holding it in the palm of your hands, or on your shoulders. Its design is simple and classic, just like the times we spend with our family and friends.

Our goal is to continue to connect our customers to products that match their everyday lives.

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